Our Employees

Our Employees

Employees of MNGI Digestive Health (MNGI) assist our patients through either face to face contact in the Clinic and Endoscopy Center or by supporting patients behind the scenes in our Corporate Office.

Our on-site staff includes registered nurses, Endoscopy Technicians, Clinic Assistants, Registrars, and Exit Schedulers have direct patient contact and are empowered to facilitate a positive health care experience for every patient who visits a MNGI endoscopy center or clinic.

At the Corporate Office, our support staff provides a full spectrum of prompt, reliable services for new and recurring patients as well as for our MNGI providers. Support staff members include Schedulers, Patient Coordinators, Electronic Medical Record Technicians, and Business Office Specialists.


What our staff says about MNGI Digestive Health -

“I like to describe my job as a “breath of fresh air.”  I love meeting and greeting patients—that’s my favorite part of the job. Unlike my previous job, I was told to be unscripted at this one—so I can be me! The benefits are amazing. The management is approachable and professional. I can’t say enough nice things about this “work family!” - Jodie, Registrar


“I have worked at MNGI for 11 years. In my time spent here, I have realized just how much the providers invest in their patients. They are always working, doing their best to improve the patient experience as well as the patient’s life! The providers know my family, they know my kid’s names, and take the time to make staff feel like people not just employees. I feel honored to help them do their work each day and do what I can to make each day at clinic one that staff and patients can appreciate.” – Kristin, Clinic Assistant Manager


“In my almost 20 years in healthcare, I have never worked for an organization that has provided a more wonderful support system for their employees.  MNGI is committed to helping each employee succeed personally and professionally.  MNGI has given me multiple opportunities for continuing education, leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities to grow professionally within the company.  MNGI has given me the tools to be successful and encourages and values my suggestions.   I truly enjoy my career at MNGI. Each day when I leave, I feel good about my day because my coworkers make a difference in my life and the patient’s lives that we help as well.” –Lindsey, Scheduling Assistant Manager


“I am thankful to be a part of the MNGI team. I appreciate the great connections with staff and patients. MNGI promotes a great atmosphere for all employees to succeed with developing new skills and growing as an individual. I am very proud to be a part of such a positive organization.” – Aisha, Scheduler


“MNGI Digestive Health is such a happy environment because we, employees of every role, care about and know each other. We laugh every day! Everyone is heard. Our patients are taken care of in the same fashion and it's easy to know they feel it because we hear them say so!” – Kelly, Registered Nurse


“Working for MNGI Digestive Health is the best experience I have had in my 40 years of working. I enjoy the company culture and all my co-workers. Everyone shows respect for each other, is helpful and works as a team.  I enjoy providing a good experience for MNGI patients and helping our providers when I can. There are also great benefits such as advancement opportunities, additional schooling, great healthcare and 401ks. I wish I could have come here when I was younger but I am grateful that I have been given the chance to work here now.” - JoAnn, Support Specialist


“I enjoy working at MNGI because of my terrific colleagues. The MEC team works well to turn challenging situations into positive experiences. Each discipline displays a high level of respect for one another to create a very open, supportive community here.” - Jesse, Registered Nurse


“Since my first day on the job over 8 years ago, I have always recognized MNGI to be a strong and patient centered organization. MNGI continually explores ways to ensure that patients have a positive and safe experience. In addition to caring for its patients, MNGI has always shown dedication to providing a high-level of job satisfaction for its employees.  With the support of MNGI, employees are encouraged to internally advance and obtain additional education or certifications to support their careers. It is without a doubt that I would not be where I am at without MNGI!” – Kashi, Executive Assistant


“I like working at MNGI because it is interesting and my coworkers are fantastic to work with.  I feel that I make a difference caring for people who are coming in for a procedure that they may be nervous about.  Every day is different and I look forward to seeing the people I work with every day!” – Susan, Registered Nurse


“I look forward to coming into work. I love working with our patients and our Providers. We strive to provide the best customer service and that wouldn’t be possible if MNGI didn’t provide us with the great training and resources. May I add, MNGI has great benefits! Our organization as a whole is nothing less than amazing!!   I like how our company promotes growth and success! I’ve been with MNGI for almost 11yrs and I love that I remain cross-trained in multiple positions.   Our Providers truly care and listen to your opinions. I feel MNGI has a great “open-door” policy within the whole company. Being on the R&R committee truly showed me how wonderful MNGI is as a company and how dedicated they are to help their employees. I take pride in saying I work for MNGI Digestive Health!!! Top workplace for multiple years in a row is definitely something to brag about! MNGI Rocks!!” – Melanie, Clinic Assistant


“I started at MNGI in the spring of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the place.  The atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion and excellent communication was unlike any other job I’d ever had.  My attitude on this company has never changed.  I’ve grown to appreciate my job more and feel like I’m a part of something bigger.  I get to come into work every day knowing that I will be helping people and that is a feeling that you just can’t replicate. 

Something that I love about my job that cannot be understated is how valued I feel.  In my previous experiences I was never made to feel like I was an important part of anything.  It was not so much that my employers were walking around saying this to staff.  It was more that they didn’t show people how much they appreciated them and wanted them to stay around.  In my experience at MNGI, this is not the case.  I feel respected, valued, listened to, appreciated and trusted.  Knowing that the people I work with and my direct supervisors feel this way and show it in their actions means a lot to me.

MNGI was the first job interview and offer that I had after college where I left knowing that I wanted to work there.  I knew this was a special place and could bring me great things.  I was lucky enough to get the job offer and accepted immediately.  I have not regretted that decision for a second.  This place is special to me.  I’ve told many people that I always wanted to be that guy who works at one place for 30 years.  How lucky am I that I found that place straight out of college?”  - Brandon, Patient Coordinator


“I honestly love working at MNGI. My coworkers make the difference for me at MNGI.  They make coming to work a fun experience and our team mentally is unbelievable. I truly feel grateful to be a employee of MNGI. Even after almost 7 years here, I still can't get over the fact that we work a normal day shift with no weekends or holidays.  Some of us joke that we are the class of 2050, which entails that we are all retiring from MNGI together. Who would have thought that as a nurse you could achieve contentment, but I think most nurses can find it at MNGI.” – Kristine, Registered Nurse


“I enjoy working here because there are so many opportunities to grow and expand as a person and as a professional.  I started as a Centralized Scheduler, worked my way to be a Patient Coordinator, then a Clinic Assistant and then into my current role as a Clinic Assistant Manager. Every manager has helped me learn new things and increase my skills. Plus, I enjoy the people.  Each group I have been a part of has had a wonderful group of people that all enjoyed what they do and genuinely cared for each and every patient they interacted with.” – Mark, Clinic Assistant Manager