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Access One for Remicade - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Access One?
Access One is an organization that works with patients receiving Remicade (infliximab) treatment and their providers to verify insurance coverage, identify payer requirements such as prior authorizations, and inform patients of their eligibility for financial assistance programs.

What can I expect from being enrolled in Access One?

Initial enrollment:

  • Minnesota Gastroenterology (MNGI) will automatically enroll you in the Access One program when your provider prescribes Remicade.
  • After we submit your insurance information for verification, you will receive a phone call from an Access One Care Coordinator who will review your benefits and discuss any potential out-of-pocket costs you may incur.
  • The Access One Care Coordinator will also refer you to any financial assistance programs for which you may be eligible.
  • If your insurer requires pre-authorization for treatment, MNGI will submit a prior authorization request to your insurance company on your behalf.

After enrollment:

  • Inform our business office immediately if your insurance has changed since your last appointment.
  • Once we collect your new insurance information, we will submit it to Access One for re-verification.
    Please Note: If your insurance changes but you do not inform us until after you receive your Remicade infusion, we cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover any associated costs. Some insurance plans require prior authorizations or pre-certifications before Remicade is administered, and these often cannot be obtained after services have been provided. In this case, any balance will be your responsibility; if your balance is too high for you to pay in full, you may call our business office to discuss payment plan options.

Additional Access One features:

  • Access One will offer to provide appointment reminder calls for your infusions, follow-up calls after your infusions, and education materials regarding Remicade and your specific diagnosis.
  • You can opt out of these features if you prefer; regardless of your choice, MNGI will still call you to remind you of your upcoming appointments with us.

How often will my benefits be verified?
Your benefits will be submitted for re-verification each time your insurance coverage changes; for most patients, this will occur just once each year. Each time your benefits are submitted for re-verification, an Access One Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss your benefits and potential out-of-pocket costs.

My insurance requires me to get Remicade from a specialty pharmacy. What does this mean?
Some insurance plans require patients to obtain Remicade from a specialty pharmacy that sends the medication directly to the provider. If this is required by your insurance plan, Access One will notify our business office and the appropriate prior authorizations for your specialty pharmacy will be obtained. Minnesota Gastroenterology will make arrangements to have your Remicade supply sent directly to our office in time for your next infusion.

What if I do not have insurance?
If you currently do not carry either private or governmental medical insurance, please contact our office and ask to speak with our Patient Financial Counselor to discuss potential assistance programs and payment options.

Access One informed me that I may qualify for financial assistance. What happens now?
Use the contact information provided by Access One to contact the financial assistance program(s) and begin the application process. All paperwork requiring provider input can be mailed or faxed directly to our Patient Financial Counselor (contact information listed below). If you need assistance completing your application(s), questions can be directed to our Patient Financial Counselor as well. After your application has been submitted, the assistance program(s) will notify you and MNGI of your application status.

Patient Financial Counselor
c/o Minnesota Gastroenterology, PA
P.O. Box 14909
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Fax: (612) 870-5806

What if I have already enrolled myself in Access One?
Access One has supplied MNGI with a list of our patients who have utilized Access One in the past. Your insurance information has been resubmitted to Access One and you are now tied to our practice in the Access One system.

I have recently stopped treatment with Remicade. Will I still be enrolled in Access One?
Access One provides services only for patients receiving Remicade treatment. If you are no longer on Remicade, please contact our Patient Financial Counselor so you may be removed from the Access One enrollment list.

I do not receive Remicade treatment at a MNGI location. Will I still be enrolled in Access One?
If a MNGI provider has prescribed Remicade for you, MNGI will enroll you in Access One. However, since MNGI does not provide and bill for your Remicade treatment, it is best to direct questions regarding payment options and use of financial assistance programs to the business office of the location where you receive your treatment.

What if I do not want to be enrolled in Access One?
Enrollment in Access One is required for all patients who have had Remicade prescribed for them by a MNGI provider.

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