Celiac Disease

MNGI Digestive Health has made a commitment to provide premier care to patients in need of gastroenterology services.  In 2010, MNGI developed a specialty clinic designed specifically for patients with Celiac Disease. 

Once the diagnosis of Celiac Disease has been confirmed with a biopsy, patients are referred this specialty clinic for a follow-up appointment.  If the patient has not already received educational information, a resource folder will be provided along with additional materials about the diet and day-to-day living. 

Our specialty clinic provider will discuss the treatment for Celiac Disease and the possible short term and long term complications of the disorder.  The provider will also review other resources that provide reliable information and make recommendations about long-term, periodic monitoring of blood tests.  High levels may indicate that gluten remains undetected in the diet. The gluten content of specific goods and medications can change freqently making it important to review this information on a regular basis.  We may also suggest periodic testing for signs of malnutrition.  These tests may be done at MNGI or at your primary clinic. 

Appointments for the Celiac Disease specialty clinic are available at any of our locations.  Refer to the Celiac Disease page of our website for more information.


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